In October 2010, Rutgers University football star Eric LeGrand sustained a spinal cord injury at his C3 and C4 vertebrae during a fourth quarter play at MetLife Stadium. While the initial prognosis was grim, Eric demonstrated his titan strength by shattering all expectations for his recovery and rehabilitation.  

Eric hopes to dispel the misconception that those living with paralysis cannot enjoy life’s finer pleasures. While Eric’s path has been an arduous one, he reminds himself to celebrate his victories and encourages others to toast their own triumphs daily.

Eric’s tireless spirit and appreciation of whiskey led him to found Eric LeGrand Whiskey. As Eric learned more about the journey of a Kentucky Straight Bourbon, he found that the precision when creating  the mash bill, the patience required during  the barrel aging process, and the trust in  the overall process paralleled the  precision, patience, and trust required in  his own grueling recovery.